Bourbonr Tasting NEAT Glasses

Bourbonr Tasting NEAT Glasses

Ready to host a bourbon tasting but need more glasses? Try using the NEAT glasses:

NEAT design begins in the science lab, not the styling studio.  Throw away convergent rims.  Create a wide bowl to promote swirling and increase evaporation, short enough to get the nose close to more aromas.  Squeeze vapors to increase kinetic motion through a neck, let compressed aromas expand.  Lighter, numbing alcohol aromas disappear over the rim, leaving a "sweet spot" to savor and enjoy.  

I have no affiliation with NEAT aside from testing a lot of different glasses and liking theirs the best. There's a reason most of the major spirit competitions use the NEAT glass.

Included in this package:

- NEAT 3 Glass Set



$ 37.50