Bourbonr Beginner's Guide

Bourbonr Beginner's Guide

After I posted "Bourbonr Beginner's Guide" I had a lot of people requesting a consolidated guide. I've decided to combine all of this into a high-resolution PDF. If you're interested in the Bourbonr Beginner's Guide you can get it here.  This guide includes:

"What is Bourbon?"

"How is it Made"

 "How to Taste Bourbon"

"Bourbon Mash Bill Explained"

 "Bourbon Aging Explained"

"What Affects a Bourbon's Taste"

"Bourbonr Distillery Summary"

This is a great way to sharpen your bourbon skills. Or, to share with the bourbon lover in your life.

From the post:

This is If you follow Bourbonr on social media (primarily Twitter or Instagram) you'll notice quite a few non-bourbon spirits. There are a couple reasons for this. One, it's nice to change things up. Two, and more importantly, it's fun to be a newbie again. The further we get into a hobby the harder it is to remember what it was like to be new. I see this a lot in the Facebook groups. New guy asks a question. People mock the question or make trolling comments. New guy never asks a question again. This guide is the questions I wanted to be answered when I got into bourbon. And, more recently the questions I've asked about Rum and Armagnac.

$ 10.00